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Build IoT apps in real-time by automating UI development.

Register for our beta program launching Fall 2015.
If your project qualifies, we'll partner with you to design, develop, and support Web and iOS apps for your IoT system.

We're a team of designers and developers who have built several web and mobile apps for startups in the Boston area. Frustrated by long development cycles that can take months from idea to validation, we began re-thinking the traditional process.

We developed technology that generates device-optimized control, administration, and analytics applications for your IoT system by understanding the data the powers it.


Product owners manage design and development using a guided spreadsheet, with our team enhancing your in-house engineering and creative resources. Links to generated UI appear directly in the spreadsheet as you model new system behaviors or connect to existing data.


Building on React, React Native, and recent advances in cloud data management technology, Uifly automatically generates high-quality, native, end-to-end applications based on proven UI design patterns. Evaluate multiple app variations for immediate deployment or additional customization.


By focusing on fundamental UX and data flows using systems design methodology, comprehensive instrumentation for analytics is an emergent property of your design process, not an afterthought. Monitor and analyze application usage in real-time directly in the spreadsheet.